IDEAL SEAFOOD of Ojai, California

Our unique and friendly drive-thru service offers the freshest seafood available from the ocean to you.


Rick and Alicia Tharp met, fell in love and got married while working at the Ojai Valley Inn. Rick had been a commercial fisherman for years when he came to the realization that it would be more profitable to be on the other side of the shore in the seafood business.

Rick grew up fishing but Alicia had little experience. To share Rick's enthusiasm for the sport he took Alicia out on one of their first dates to the beach with an inflatable raft, a fishing pole, and some snacks. Within five minutes of throwing out the line it became very taut. After a bit of reeling they realized that Rick had hooked a shark nearly the size of the raft. Even more exciting was when they realized that the shark was actually bigger than their tiny raft. Alicia yelled. "Cut the line!" Seeing no other choice but to listen to Alicia Rick quickly cut the line and paddled furiously back to shore.

Apparently Alicia was already feeling the love because this didn't scare her away. It took Rick three years before he got a big catch again but this time in the form of Alicia when he finally asked her to marry him and she said yes. They had no idea then that 22 years later they would be owning and operating their own successful fish seafood business.

Their business began slow and grew steadily, from the local farmer's market with only two types of fresh fish to now offering a variety of nearly anything from the ocean. Rick and Alicia continue serving the public with smiling, cheerful faces seven days a week at their unique and friendly drive-thru located on Ventura Blvd between Oak View and Ojai on the east side of the road.

Rick and Alicia's love continues to grew also as they are not only business partners but true soulmates, best friends and lovers after working side by side for so many years. They still happily recall their little rubber raft ride and are happy to say that all things are still afloat.

Updated, August 2014